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Design Services

GraceNote Design Studio specializes in designing commercial audio and acoustic systems intended for use in performing arts venues, houses of worship, athletic venues, corporate training and presentation rooms, as well as other small, medium and large non-residential projects. 

Design Phases


Programming Scope of Work

  1. The Programming Phase allows the Consultant to determine the project's design, engineering, budgeting, documentation, project management, installation and operational scope of work (SOW).

  2. Once defined, a SOW document is prepared and used as the decision-making road map throughout the life of a project.


Schematic Design (SD)

  1. During the SD process, the Consultant develops a preliminary design and a rough budgetary estimate for the Owner's consideration.

  2. The SD Phase provides a reasonably accurate report on the total scope of the project, if fully implemented.

  3. Ongoing coordination with the Owner, Architect, Electrical Engineers (EE), Structural Engineers (SE) and various other design consultants is provided.


Design Development (DD)

  1. During the DD Phase, full AutoCAD drawings are created, and updated scope documents are submitted.

  2. Ongoing coordination with the Owner, Architect, EE, SE and various other design consultants, is provided.

Construction Documents (CD)

  1. All AutoCAD drawings and scope documents developed during the DD phase will be finalized and assembled as construction sets, ready for distribution to Owner, General Contractors (GC) and Electrical Contractors (EC) as required.

  2. Ongoing coordination with the Owner, Architect, GC, EC and various other trades, is provided.


Bid and Construction Administration (CA):

  1. Assist Owner and Architect in responding to pre- and post-bid RFIs pertaining to the AVA Systems.

  2. Review and provide approval, comments and/or rejections related to the AV Contractor’s (AVC) bids.

  3. Review and provide approvals, comments and/or rejections related to the AVC’s shop drawings and other submittals.

  4. If requested by the Owner, review and approval of AVC’s progress billings.

  5. Final commissioning and acceptance testing of the AVA Systems.

  6. Review and approve as-built documentation package.

Design and Documentation Resources

GaceNote utilizes many of the best computer-aided design and documentation software programs and platforms, including:

AutoCAD, TurboCAD & SketchUp


Bose Modeler

Most other manufacturer-specific sound system modeling software

Proprietary video projection modeling spreadsheet

Proprietary project estimating spreadsheets

The standard suite of Microsoft Office applications

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