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Eastlake Community Church

The Eastlake project was unlike others for many reasons, not the least of which was the church's desire to have an AV System that is uncompromised by the usual architectural, aesthetic or financial restrictions that face most churches. In other words, the quality and effectiveness of the AV Systems became the priority in almost all critical decision-making phases of planning, development, construction and implementation for this 1,550 seat facility.

This project was a design/build collaboration between Eastlake’s project development team and a design, engineering and installation team from Sound Image’s Contracting Division. The AV budget was not unlimited, but it was sufficiently large enough to accomplish all that is described below.

Marcus Jones (MJ), Eastlake’s Worship Pastor, and Mike Fay were the driving forces behind the vision and solutions that were implemented at Eastlake Community Church.

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