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International Association of Prima Donna Solder Jockeys

Congratulations and welcome to the IAPDSJ home page. You've found the hidden link, which makes you a rare and unique individual, presuming you found it without help from others.


Please send a note and let me know the date you arrived here. And, please don't tell anyone else where the link is. It's meant to be a secret portal. Why? Just for the entertainment value. I'm keeping a log of those who've landed here. 


If you're already a member, please let me know that too. If you don't know what IAPDSJ is ... please read on.

The IAPDSJ was founded by Mike Fay and Mike Kettering, while working at Riverview Evangelical Free Church in Bonsall, CA, sometime around August, 1993. Mike and I decided we needed to elevate our status in the construction industry, so we thought a fancier title would be a good idea. The idea paid off about a year later.

True story: While we were working on an install project with Paul Tydelski and Bob Beem (two of the first tier inductees) at Sea World in San Diego, I was confronted by a guy from another trade. He walked up and said, not so nicely, "what are you, some kinda prima donna? Well, that was an easy question, so of course I said "yes". There was a bit more drama to the story before it ended, but the point was made; IAPDSJ represented and was forever authenticated as a worthy institution.

IAPDSJ is a "Six Degrees of Separation" collection of AV integration individuals who've been identified for membership by either Mike F. or Mike K., or by any other member that's been invited into the club. The only criteria for membership is - you must have worked on a project, along side a member, and been invited to join by that member. Once you're in, your sole entitlement is to help us identify other potential members, and invite them in too. No one is an automatic invitee. If you're included, you're worthy.

Besides the people, what makes the IAPDSJ special is this: there is no membership fee, no dues, no meetings, no news letter, nothing. Just the honor of being part of the International Association of Prima Donna Solder Jockeys.

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